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Platypus Survey Data, Tasmania (1901 - 2009)


The fungal disease mucormycosis, caused by the fungal pathogen Mucor amphibiorum, has infected Tasmanian platypus for almost three decades (Gust et al 2009, Gust and Griffiths, 2011). The disease causes skin lesions, morbidity and mortality (Gust and Griffiths, 2009). To investigate spatial and temporal distribution patterns of mucormycosis and its impacts on platypus, a database of extensive historic platypus capture and observation records was created. This data was used to map historic distribution and prevalence of mucormycosis. In 2008-2009 live trapping surveys were undertaken to determine the spread, prevalence and persistence of the disease. In addition, demographic (sex, age), morphometric (body size) and health and moult condition of captured individuals were assessed (Gust et al 2009, Gust and Griffiths, 2011). Furthermore, influences of mucormycosis on the hematology, plasma biochemistry and other indicators of health in platypus were investigated (Geraghty et al 2011).

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From 1901-01-01 To 2009-09-12


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