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enables a user to move the map up down left or right; search results do not change as a result of panning.

Longitude and Latitude

select this item and enter North, South, East and West values to set a bounding region for your search. All fields must be completed prior to selecting Go.

Select Region

– draw a rectangular boundary on the map and select the Go button to display results that have a spatial coverage intersecting this boundary. Only one boundary can be drawn at any time. Records without spatial coverage data will not be displayed in this result set.

To cancel a search after you have selected a boundary box, click on the X and then select the GO button. Select the X button to cancel or redraw a boundary box prior to initiating a search

Show locations of map

to zoom the map into a specific location begin to enter a place name and select the proper name from the list of auto-suggest options provided. Click on the magnifying glass to activate zooming of the map to this location. This is a zoom feature only, a search will not be initiated based on this action.

Once the map has zoomed in, you are able to use the Select Region tool to draw a bounding box on the map and update the search results

Map view

enables display of the map in either hybrid, satellite or terrain view –this is a display preference only and has no impact on search functionality.

Refer to the Terms of Use for attribution statements relating to use of these maps.