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Victorian Alpine Plot Network (Alpine Long Term Monitoring - Community Changes): Vegetation Data, South-east Highlands, Australia, 1947+


This package represents all data from surveys of vegetation within the Alpine Long Term Monitoring — Community Changes project. The surveys began in 1947, and the most recent is from 2013. As further surveys are conducted the new data will be added to this package. The Victorian Alpine Plot Network vegetation data package contains vegetation data collected at a sub-set of the 481 long term monitoring plots which have been established in Australian Alps and in Tasmania. The sampling regime within the Victorian Network generally consists of multiple randomly positioned transects within sites, (rather than ‘plots’ sensu stricto), with each site, and/or transect geo-located. Point quadrats are taken at fixed intervals along each transect. The number of transects within sites, and sampling frequency varies from annual to decadal, depending on site and purpose. This general array of sampling transects, point quadrats along transects and floristic quadrats is consistent between grassland and snowpatch monitoring sites, although the number of transects and floristic quadrats needed to detect change in key variables (vegetation cover, bare ground, etc) at each site varies over time. There are also long-term monitoring sites in wetlands. The Victorian Alpine Plot Network research plots are revisited on a 2–10 years basis. A synopsis of related data packages which have been collected as part of the Victorian Alpine Plot Network’s full program is provided at

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From 1947 To 2013


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Morgan,J., Papst,W., Wahren,H.. Victorian Alpine Plot Network (Alpine Long Term Monitoring - Community Changes): Vegetation Data, South-east Highlands, Australia, 1947+. Version 35. Long Term Ecological Research Network. 2016

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