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Australia's long-term ecological studies survey

The Long-Term Ecological Studies (LTES) are critical for understanding and managing landscapes. To identify important research gaps, facilitate collaborations and communicate results, several countries have established long-term ecological research networks. A few initiatives to create such a network in Australia have been undertaken, but relatively little published data exist on the current state of LTES in Australia. Using the results of an online survey of terrestrial LTES projects sent to academic, government and NGO-based researchers across Australia, we created a publically-available online database of LTES. This database is hosted collaboratively by the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) and The Ecological Society of Australia (ESA). The database contains information pertaining to the focus, scope, and outcomes of Australian LTES spanning seven years or longer. We hope that this database will inform ecologists and landscape managers about ongoing research, encourage productive collaboration among researchers and facilitate more standardized data collection and analysis techniques.

The results of the LTES survey have also been published in Austral Ecology (Youngentob et al. 2013).

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The database will continue to be updated as new information becomes available, and thus feedback is welcomed on data presentation, data access, and the type of information provided within it. All of the information in the LTES database has been published with the permission of survey respondents. There are still Australian LTES that are not featured in the database. If you would like to contribute information on an LTES to be added to this database, or you would like to modify information on an existing database entry, please contact Kara Youngentob.