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Leaf Level Physiology, Chemistry and Structural Traits, Great Western Woodlands SuperSite, 2014


Set-up of ACi curves, N, P and LMA values for dominant species. Establish the extent to which rates of light saturated photosynthesis, Vcmax and Jmax change in response to associated traits and to climatic moisture in the Great Western Woodlands. Experimental design and methods: In April and October 2013, we surveyed ACi curves and related leaf traits (area:mass ratios, and concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus) in 37 species growing at the Great Western Woodlands TERN - SuperSite. Leaves were sampled from different trees ranging from 1 to 4 replicates per specie. Asat(light saturated photosynthesis), Amax (CO2 saturated photosynthesis), Ci (intercellular partial pressure of CO2) and Rlight(CO2 evolution from mitochondria in the light, other than that associated with the PCO cycle) were used to calculate rates of Vcmax (maximum velocity of the carboxylase) and Jmax (maximum rate of carboxylation allowed by the electron transport). Vcmax and Jmax were corrected for temperature.

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Fürstenau Togashi, Henrique, Bloomfield, Keith, Prentice, Colin, Evans, Bradley, Atkin, Owen, Prober, Suzanne, Macfarlane, Craig (2015): Leaf Level Physiology, Chemistry and Structural Traits, Great Western Woodlands SuperSite, 2014. Version 3. TERN Australian SuperSite Network. (Dataset).

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