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MCAS-S Australian national map layers interactive tool


The Australian national map layers are a convenient package of Australian spatial layers ready for use in MCAS-S. The map layers cover a broad scope of interests including: biophysical (vegetation, soil, terrain, water, climate,); social (household, community and population characteristics), and; economic (land use, agricultural commodity, income, land value, rate of return). TERN, as an MCAS-S development partner, has built a website for interactive selection and viewing of the Australian national map layers.

Validation of individual layers is the responsibility of the original data provider.

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Rights and Licensing

These data can be freely downloaded and used subject to the licence. Attribution and citation is required as described at and We ask that you send us citations and copies of publications arising from work that use these data.

Copyright 2014 Commonwealth of Australia. Please note that the copyright for these is held by the custodian of the individual datasets which is supplied in the datapack. Apart from dealings under the Copyright Act 1968, the purchaser shall not reproduce (electronically or otherwise), modify or supply (by sale or otherwise) these data without written permission from the supplier. Please contact the custodian for more information.

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