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Recherche Archipelago Survey


In 1988 and 1989 an expedition was conducted on the islands of the eastern Recherche Archipelago; they included Middle, Goose, Bellinger and Daw islands. The expedition was conducted to collect species lists of vascular plants and vertebrates from as many islands as possible. The Recherche Archipelago Survey is part of the Biological Survey of South Australia Program which is a series of systematic surveys conducted across the state between 1971 and the present with the broad aim of providing a baseline inventory of South Australia's flora and fauna biodiversity.

Temporal coverage

From 1988-06-11 To 1989-06-13


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    • A georeferenced implementation of weighted endemism
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    User Defined

    • Austrostipa flavescens (Labill.) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett
    • Trachymene pilosa Sm.
    • Zygophyllum billardierei DC.
    • Olearia axillaris (DC.) F.Muell. ex Benth.
    • Ficinia nodosa (Rottb.) Goetgh., Muasya & D.A.Simpson
    • Cerastium glomeratum Thuill.
    • Haloragodendron racemosum (Labill.)Orch.
    • Disturbance
    • Kunzea baxteri (Klotzsch) Schauer
    • Asteridea nivea (Steetz) Kroner
    • Leucophyta brownii Cass.
    • Anthocercis genistoides Miers
    • Diuris sp.
    • Pimelea argentea R.Br.
    • Rhagodia candolleana subsp. argentea
    • Oxalis corniculata L. subsp. corniculata
    • Apium annuum P.S.Short
    • Rhagodia crassifolia R.Br.
    • Phyllanthus scaber Klotzsch
    • Acacia ligulata A.Cunn. ex Benth.
    • Gonocarpus scordioides (Benth.)Orch.
    • Spinifex sericeus R.Br.
    • Muehlenbeckia adpressa (Labill.) Meisn.
    • Eucalyptus utilis Brooker & Hopper
    • Ehrharta sp.
    • Lithology
    • Leucopogon obovatus (Labill.) R.Br. subsp. obovatus
    • Acacia rostellifera Benth.
    • Vegetation Structure
    • Species Presence/Abundance
    • Phebalium rude Bartl.
    • Dianella caerulea var. aquilonia
    • Dodonaea sp.
    • Frankenia tetrapetala Labill.
    • Goodeniaceae sp.
    • Suaeda australis (R.Br.) Moq.
    • Atriplex cinerea Poir.
    • Myoporum insulare R.Br.
    • Scaevola crassifolia Labill.
    • Pimelea clavata Labill.
    • Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia H.M.Quirk & T.C.Chambers
    • Landscape
    • Nitraria billardierei DC.
    • Anthocercis viscosa R.Br.
    • Stylidium adnatum R.Br.
    • Disphyma crassifolium subsp. clavellatum (Haw.) Chinnock
    • Stackhousia monogyna Labill.
    • Dichondra repens J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.
    • Atriplex paludosa subsp. baudini
    • Kennedia nigricans Lindl.
    • Tetragonia implexicoma (Miq.) Hook.f.
    • Lobelia sp.
    • Enchylaena tomentosa var. glabra
    • Senecio pinnatifolius A.Rich.
    • Paraserianthes lophantha (Willd.) I.C.Nielsen
    • Carpobrotus edulis (L.)N.E.Br. subsp. edulis
    • Sporobolus virginicus var. (NC)
    • Carpobrotus rossii (Haw.) Schwantes
    • Clematis microphylla DC. var. microphylla
    • Geranium sp.
    • Sonchus oleraceus L.
    • Hibbertia racemosa (Endl.) Gilg
    • Gramineae sp.
    • Soil
    • Acacia cyclops A.Cunn. ex G.Don
    • Fauna
    • Flora
    • Malva preissiana Miq.
    • Euphorbia paralias L.
    • Threlkeldia diffusa R.Br.
    • Orchidaceae sp.
    • Crassula sp.
    • Caladenia sp.
    • Melaleuca lanceolata Otto
    • Poa poiformis (Labill.) Druce var. poiformis
    • Pterostylis nana R.Br.
    • Leucopogon parviflorus (Andrews) Lindl.
    • Lepidosperma gladiatum Labill.
    • Bossiaea dentata (R.Br.) Benth.
    • Calandrinia calyptrata Hook.f.
    • Calandrinia sp.
    • Poa poiformis
    • Eucalyptus angulosa Schauer
    • Galium migrans Ehrend. & McGill.
    • Avena sp.
    • Parietaria debilis G.Forst.
    • Melaleuca globifera R.Br.
    • Anagallis arvensis L.
    • Centrolepis strigosa (R.Br.) Roem. & Schult. subsp. strigosa
    • Astartea fascicularis (Labill.) DC.
    • Lepidium foliosum Desv.
    • Hypochaeris glabra L.
    • Ehrharta calycina Sm.
    • Centrolepis sp.
    • Acacia acuminata
    • Westringia rigida R.Br.
    • Eriochilus sp.
    • Billardiera heterophylla (Lindl.) L.Cayzer & Crisp


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