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Total cover - MODIS, Land Condition Index (LCI) algorithm, Australia coverage


The MODIS Land Condition Index (LCI) is an index of total vegetation cover (green and non-photosynthetic vegetation ), and so is also an index of soil exposure. The LCI is a normalised difference index based on MODIS bands in the mid-infrared portion of the spectrum. The index is produced from 500-m MODIS nadir BRDF adjusted reflectance (NBAR) data. As with all products derived from passive remote sensing imagery, this product represents the world as seen from above. Therefore, the cover recorded by this product represent what would be observed from a birds-eye-view. Therefore, dense canopy may prevent observation of significant soil exposure.

Land Cover Index is relevant for image based soil exposure monitoring. Used for reporting: - all general seasonal patterns, and all major deviations from average seasonal patterns (e.g., unusually wet or dry years) - fortnightly changes in soil exposure, by reporting region, from 2000 to 2010 - magnitude of erosion vulnerability (duration of soil exposure multiplied by severity of soil exposure) - visualise change in land protected from erosion relative to 2003 LCI is capable of measuring trends in soil exposure over time, and how the LCI can be used to report against the South Australian State Strategic Plan (SASSP) soil protection target

Temporal coverage

From 2000-02-18 To 2011-11-09


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Clarke, K. , Lewis, M. (2014): Total cover - MODIS, Land Condition Index (LCI) algorithm, Australia coverage. Version 1.0.0. Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN). Dataset.

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