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Transformational change of regional landscapes: navigating planetary limits and resource constraints over the next five decades


The project brought together a group of Australian researchers and managers with a broad range of expertise to identify current and emerging economies (‘drivers’) affecting regional agricultural landscapes and to suggest beneficial transformational changes for successful adaptation. A key challenge in these landscapes is altering how we use the land for ongoing, viable production while increasing native biodiversity. The group: • identified the major historical influences on Australian land use and the current social and economic drivers that are likely to increase in the future. • assessed the condition of five agro-climatic regions (adapted from Williams et al. 2002 and Hobbs and McIntyre 2005) using a Delphi method. A small (4-person) expert panel scored the impact of historical and future scenarios on ten sustainability indicators (biodiversity, water, soil, social capital, built capital, food/fibre, carbon, energy, minerals and cultural). Five regions were chosen: Southern Mediterranean, Northern tropical, Central arid, North-east subtropical, and South-east temperate (Figure 1). This was an iterative process whereby scores were revisited until internal consistency between regions, scenarios, and indicators was achieved. • made projections of regional condition under the four global Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) based on van Vuuren et al. (2011) . • developed recommendations about land use and management, institutional and policy arrangements and social processes that will assist adaptation towards a values-rich vision of Australia in 2100

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From 1788 To 2013


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Meyer, Wayne (2013): Transformational change of regional landscapes: navigating planetary limits and resource constraints over the next five decades. Version 5. ACEAS. dataset.

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